Students may bring a lunch from home or buy a catered meal in the school cafeteria. The catered meal menu is posted and available to families at the beginning of each month. Parents wishing to purchase catered lunches must pay for them a month in advance.

Parents who bring lunch for their child must do so before the child’s scheduled lunch time and drop it off in the kitchen. It is preferred that lunches are sent with the child to school rather than at the time of your child’s lunch period. Soda is not allowed.

Due to time and sanitary conditions, teachers will not heat student lunches in the microwave. Therefore, if your student prefers to bring his or her own lunch, please plan accordingly.


At the start of each morning recess, the children will have a short snack break. Parents are encouraged to send along nutritious, low-sugar light snacks. Students in Extended Care may also bring along snacks to eat before or after school. Soda is not allowed.


Many of the parents like to bring refreshments on their child’s birthday. This may be done with prior approval from the classroom teacher. Because of time constraints, birthday celebrations at school should be kept short and simple and cannot be spontaneous. A good time to do this is right after the lunch period, if possible or when suggested by the teacher. Additionally, if invitations for parties are handed out at school, everyone in the class must be invited.