In keeping with our mission to develop Christian character and instill self-discipline, we expect students to adhere to all classroom and school policies. These rules and guidelines are shared with the parents at the start of the school year. Conformity to these policies is expected at all times, whether in the classroom, on the playground, or elsewhere on the school campus. Students are expected to conduct themselves in this way out of love for God, respect for their teachers and consideration for their fellow students.

The Sienna Lutheran Academy staff assumes the role of parent when the children are left under their care each day. The principal and teachers use their discretion whenever disciple is deemed necessary. Parents can rest assured that all discipline is carried out in a spirit of Christian love by teachers who genuinely care about each child. Discipline comes from the word “disciple” – to teach. Discipline is our way of teaching children to make proper choices. Discipline, then, is viewed not as punishment, but loving correction. No forms of corporal or emotionally abusive disciplinary measures are used at any time.

In the event that a student fails to observe the Sienna Lutheran Academy classroom or school conduct guidelines, a disciplinary process is initiated, as outlined in the School Handbook. As disciplinary situations arise, the staff will approach them with prayer and Christian love, always seeking to arrive at peaceful and proper solutions that are in the best interests of the child.