Strong academic program.

Educating the Mind

Sienna Lutheran Academy is dedicated to providing excellence in education for all its students. Our degreed teachers are committed to achieving this excellence by maintaining high academic standards, a safe, disciplined, nurturing environment, and proactive home-school communication.

Sienna Lutheran Academy offers a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, with all subjects being taught from a distinctively Christian perspective. This challenging curriculum is designed with flexibility to meet the needs of each student as it encourages exploration, critical thinking, problem solving, and sound study habits. The ultimate goal is to cultivate and maximize each student’s unique talents and abilities so that he/she will be equipped to serve as a valuable member of today’s society.

At Sienna Lutheran Academy each child’s individual interests are encouraged and rewarded. The teachers tailor their teaching to challenging each student, not to a class average. The diverse learning environment at Sienna Lutheran Academy affords its students the opportunity to grow as scholars, musicians, artists, athletes, leaders, citizens – and most certainly as Christians – all to God’s glory.

Enlightening the Heart

Faith, wisdom, confidence, courage, perseverance, joy, strength of character – such are the inner qualities gleaned from an education that touches not only the mind, but also the heart.

Sienna Lutheran Academy is dedicated to enlightening the hearts of its children. Our commitment is to assist parents in their God given responsibility to “… bring up children in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Christian education is Christ-centered education. The Savior and His love for us are at the heart of all we think, do, and say. Parents and teachers alike have confidence in the Lord’s command and promise which says, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

The Academy is a place where children learn the message of salvation as found in God’s Word. It’s a place where children learn to fold their hands, bow their heads and talk to God. It’s a place where the Bible serves as the framework for absolute guidance and truth. It’s a place where love for God and His Word are instilled and nurtured in our precious children. It’s a place to learn Bible stories and apply them to everyday life. It’s a place to mold and shape the hearts and minds of impressionable kids for a life of faith. In short, Sienna Lutheran Academy is a place where children grow in their relationship with the Lord on their journey toward Christian maturity.

Our Mission at the Academy centers on the hearts of children because we believe they matter forever.

By God’s grace, they are worth it!