The dedication, professionalism, and training of any school’s faculty are determining factors in assessing the degree of excellence of that educational institution. In order to facilitate the exceptional academic quality for which Sienna Lutheran Academy was established, our teachers possess at minimum a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and are required to pursue certification in the Wisconsin Synod. All traditional four or five-year graduates from Martin Luther College are both state and WELS synodically certified. Additionally, in order to ensure staff expertise in a broad sphere of disciplines, teachers are encouraged to earn advanced specialist degrees in areas of interest, attend professional development seminars and workshops or seek enrollment in a post-graduate program at an accredited university.

Patrick Cortright
School Principal
6th-8th Grade

Pastor David Bivens
School Pastor

Cathy Biedenbender
Kindergarten and School Music

David Biedenbender
5th-8th Grade/Athletic Director

Brandi Bivens
3rd-4th Grade

Rachel Buschkopf
1st-2nd Grades/Spanish/School Music

Hannah Horn
5th-8th Grades

Elizabeth Jackson
Teacher Aide/Substitute

Mara Morgan
4th-5th Grade/Extended Care

Tyler Morgan
5th-8th Grade
Daniell Morel
Student Health and Wellness

Jim Richards
Extended Care

Annette Schuette
School Secretary