Extra Curricular Activities

Volleyball 2










In our athletic program, our coaches encourage students to develop personal commitment, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. In conjunction with the Independent School System of Greater Houston, Sienna Lutheran offers organized after-school athletic programs including soccer, basketball, volleyball and track to help young, aspiring athletes learn the rules and develop their skills. Active participation in athletics strengthens friendships, enhances teambuilding skills, improves coordination and strength, and promotes physical well-being. The children ultimately learn to view sports competition as both fun and rewarding. Dates and times are released seasonally. As Sienna Lutheran Academy grows and expands, the athletic program will also grow, thereby offering additional sports in years to come.

Children’s Choir
Children will be able to further their musical interests through membership in the Sienna Lutheran Academy Children’s Choir. The children will be able to participate in such services as graduation, the Christmas Eve Service, and periodically throughout the year on Sunday mornings.

Drama Program
Students with an interest in acting have the opportunity to stage their talents as cast members of the Drama program. As part of the curriculum, students will participate in plays or musicals at the end of the school year.  Whether it is acting, singing, dancing, or working behind the scenes, the young performers will reap many benefits from their involvement in theater while at the same time delighting appreciative audiences.

After School Activities
Each year students have other options of activities after school.  An example of activities are as follows: student council, Arts & Crafts Club, Spanish Club, Karate, private voice lessons, private piano lessons, Musical Theater, dance, sign language, yearbook, and gymnastics.  Activities are subject to change from year to year.