Language Arts

A clear understanding of the English language is imperative for success in all areas of the curriculum and everyday life. Sienna Lutheran’s language arts curriculum accomplishes this through its integration of reading, phonics programs, writing, spelling, grammar, and oral expression in a sequential and developmentally appropriate order.


Students develop a love for reading through phonics-based instruction that incorporates thematic units of high quality literature, poetry, short stories, and plays. The curriculum emphasizes listening and comprehension skills, while developing the ability to read critically.  Each classroom has direct library accessibility for assistance with appropriate book selection and checkout.


Students are taught to be proficient writers in a step-by-step composition process that includes phrases, sentences, paragraphs, reports, letters, poetry, journals, and short stories. Grammar is taught and stressed in all writing lessons. Students are encouraged to exercise their free expression in creative writing class.


The spelling component of the curriculum develops the sound/spelling connection in language, provides dictation practice, and incorporates and reviews vocabulary words in weekly units.


Students develop public speaking skills through experiences in show-and-tell, oral reports, and class presentations.